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T-Mobile Now Has Over 100 Million Customers

Earlier today, T-Mobile reported their earnings for Q3 2020 and things are looking up for the wireless carrier. They also hit an important milestone as they have crossed their 100 million customer mark after record-breaking high postpaid net additions.

In their earnings report, T-Mobile revealed that they were able to add 2,035,000 total net additions. This number is comprised of the 1,979,000 postpaid net additions, 689,000 postpaid phone net additions, and 56,000 prepaid net additions. The total net additions that T-Mobile obtained during this quarter make them hit the spot as the best in industry for postpaid net, total net, and postpaid phone net additions. And by the end of the quarter, the wireless provider has a total customer count of 100.4 million. 

With the strong results that they got during the quarter, T-Mobile is confident to raise its second half 2020 guidance for profitability and cash flow. T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, shared this message about the company's accomplishment.

"Last quarter, T-Mobile overtook AT&T to become #2 in U.S. wireless and today we announced our highest ever postpaid net adds. Now, with over 100 million wireless customers and America's largest 5G network, there is no doubt that we're the growth leader in wireless."

He also shared that the reason why customers choose them in record numbers is because they are "the only ones that can deliver this combination of value and experience with a true 5G network that is available to customers in every single state! We're consistently and profitably outpacing the competition - and we're just getting started!"

T-Mobile officially merged with Sprint seven months ago. This allowed them to quickly roll out 2.5 GHz spectrum to provide the 5G network they do today. They expect to deliver over $1.2 billion of synergies in 2020 as this is being realized faster than expected.

You can read the full report here. 

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  1. Careful, even the vapors from this batch of Kool-Aid are toxic!

  2. Need a 'like' button here.....

  3. Great news. We have a TMobile One 55 + plan for over 2 years and are very happy with it. Where we have no signal our relatives and friends with Verizon and ATT also have no signal. Network coverage is basically the same now with the exception of the VZ and ATT catch-up fury for 5G.

    1. T-mo signal is AWOL most places for me. Sprint has better coverage in a few of those (rural) places but so far the merger has not made T-mo light up there, yet.

  4. Sprint B26 was great for coverage here. Unless TMO puts B12 and B71 on this B26 and B25 Sprint tower, magenta will be dead to me, both literally and figuratively.

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