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T-Mobile Promises to be Clearer About Its 5G Ads

A few days ago, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) National Programs called out T-Mobile for some of its misleading 5G ads. The release was sent by the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the agency over concerns on how the recent ads of the wireless carrier could mislead customers.  

The ad being referred to in particular raises concerns on how the combined networks of T-Mobile and Sprint could produce benefits to T-Mobile's customers. Ever since the merger, T-Mobile has been very clear about its ambition of building "American's largest 5G network." They have also promised that T-Mobile's 5G network will have "more towers, more engineers, and more coverage" compared to their competitors. 

Although these are great ambitions, right now they remain as that--- ambitions from the merger. This means that they are not yet available. 

"The claims at issue for T-Mobile's post-merger with Sprint 5G service, which appeared in online and television advertising were challenged by Verizon Communications, Inc.

[...] NAD concluded, however, that claims about the benefits of the Sprint-T-Mobile merger together with the combination of imagery depicting magenta and yellow beams rapidly shooting from tower to tower, speeding through server rooms across cities and over vast landscapes, engineers installing technology upgrades, and consumers using their smartphones or teleconferencing, reasonably convey the unsupported message that the touted benefits of the merger will be imminently realized by consumers."

One of the recommendations of the NAD is to make sure that T-Mobile is careful with the wording it uses in its ads. They suggest that T-Mobile be clear that the benefits from its merger with Sprint are not immediate. 

T-Mobile has accepted this recommendation and will be modifying its claims for "You'll get the best 5G network", "building a 5G network that will deliver unprecedented... reliability, and the highest capacity in history." 

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