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Tello Mobile: To Start Transitioning New Customers to T-Mobile's Network Next Week

As previously announced, Tello Mobile will be transitioning to T-Mobile's network as part of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger real soon. Today, the MVNO gave more information on the transition so that its customers can know what to expect. 

According to the announcement, the new network will be launched in the week of November 23rd for new customers. Meanwhile, existing customers of the brand will not be migrated to the new GSM network until early 2021.  

To help make the transition smooth for everybody, Tello says they will be migrating their customers in batches. Each subscriber that gets migrated to T-Mobile's network will be given a free GSM SIM. 

Coverage on Sprint will be available until at least mid-2021. Once customers have been fully migrated, the MVNO will no longer accept activations on Sprint's networks. This also means that all Tello customers will now be using T-Mobile's network. 

Tello also aims to add more devices to their current line up. This way, customers have more options for a T-Mobile compatible device. 

As for the plans, Tello assures the public that its current plans will stay in place. This means that customers can still custom-build their phone or data-only plan. Once the transition is complete, all plans will have access to 4G LTE and 5G networks. 

You can read more details about this announcement here.


Editor's Note: Article originally quoted November 22nd transition for Tello Mobile customers. The transition, however, will be for new customers and will begin November 23rd. Tello Mobile will begin transitioning existing customers early 2021. 

Article has been updated to reflect these. 


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  1. Great news for Telloists. The TmoSprint network is becoming superior with each passing week as more cell sites are swapped out or upgraded to both 4G LTE and 5G on Tmobile . THe hype from ATT and Verizon rings hollow until they get some make up laps .

  2. What is a 'telloist'? That must be your own term....doesn't even come up in a Google search.

  3. T-mo still = 0 signal for me. Sprint still has some areas w/signal, some gone - poof - and no t-mo to replace it.
    My experience - merger service SUCKS!

    1. Yes on both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks service is worse now. Merger not a good thing for me, not at all.

    2. you can't use a cdma phone on the new network, you must use gsm.

      even a cheap prepaid unlocked ( nokia, motorola, umidigi) or t-mobile phone will work.

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