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US Cellular Giving Free LG K8x to New Prepaid Customers + Other Offers

US Cellular is currently running a number of deals on smartphones and accessories. 

First, there's the option to get $150 off on a smartphone. According to the wireless carrier, parents can add their children to their plan and get a discount on a smartphone. This is a great option for those who want to buy an inexpensive device for their kids to use. With this offer, you can get a discount of $150 on a device. 

US Cellular is also giving away the LG K8x to new prepaid customers who sign up for any 8GB or higher Prepaid Evolved plan. This phone costs $139 upon launch but is now offered for free. 

Switchers can also get a free phone from US Cellular, including 5G models such as the Google Pixel 5, LG V60 ThinQ 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and even the Apple iPhone 12. There are no trade-ins required or specific plan activations involved. 

These deals are available from today until January 11, 2021. You can visit their website to learn more about these deals and many others that they are currently offering. 

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  1. Eligible devices: LG K8x, Samsung A11, and Moto G Power. $40 credit will come via one-time account credit. Device offer available to new and upgrade eligible prepaid Unlimited Plan customers.Prepaid Unlimited Plan $40 or higher with eligible Smartphone purchase required. 8GB or higher Prepaid Evolved plan, is for the iPhone SE (2020) PREPAID Deal at $149. Look for the Deals tab scroll down.

  2. Horrible phone. Freezes hourly, so you have to hard restart/reboot. Product actually has a page that pops up and tells you to do this after you have struggled with the frozen screen for a few minutes!

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