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Verizon Updates Motorola Edge+ 5G to Get 5G Nationwide Service Support

The Motorola Edge+ 5G recently received an update from Verizon. If you are using this Verizon-exclusive device, don't be surprised to see a 5G icon on your home screen. 

The QPB30.289-Q3-102-13-15 software update recently rolled out to Motorola Edge+ 5G users. With this update, users now have access to Verizon's nationwide 5G service. 

To be clear, Motorola gave the Edge+ 5G support for the carrier's faster Ultra Wideband service so they can get the fastest 5G download data speed in the country from the high-band spectrum. Unfortunately, it was discovered that these signals aren't able to travel very far and they have trouble penetrating through structures. In order to make 5G travel farther, Verizon would need the low-band spectrum that its rival, T-Mobile, obtained during an FCC auction. Without this, Verizon would have taken a while to launch its nationwide 5G service. Thankfully, Verizon was able to launch nationwide 5G last October 13th. 

This is all thanks to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). With this technology, 4G and 5G are able to run alongside each other. Once a customer with 5G Ultra Wideband steps into an unsupported 5G service area, he stays connected to 5G with lower band spectrum. 

With the new icon on the Edge+ 5G, this shows that users not only get access to Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband service but with their nationwide 5G service too. During its launch, the wireless carrier revealed that 5G Nationwide is available in over 1,800 cities in the country. 

If you are using this device, have you noticed the new logo already? 

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  1. Isn't it presently very limited in certain sections of those 1,800 cities since it will take many years to both get the midband frequencies at auction from the FC (billions of cost) and then the need to install hundreds of thousands of new 5G transceivers? Verizon is best at hyping claims for sure.
    It is all good. Peace

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